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Express Acupuncture

We now offer Express Acupuncture, which is a quicker and more affordable 

acupuncture session, offered in a group setting. This style of acupuncture, also known as "community acupuncture," is a return to the way acupuncture is commonly practiced in Asia. 


For Express Acupuncture, treatments are done in reclining chairs in a quiet, group setting, rather than in a private room. For this style of acupuncture, needles are placed primarily on the legs, feet, hands, arms, head and face, so there’s no need to remove any clothing. These distal points on the limbs can still treat back, neck and shoulder pain. If you are unsure if an Express Acupuncture treatment will work for your particular issue, please contact us first for a brief consultation. 


With every treatment, we work to address not only your specific concerns, but the root cause(s) of those ailments through the use of traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis. We believe that acupuncture is a powerful tool for healing - as well as for preventative care! - and should be affordable and accessible for all.

One of the benefits of community-style acupuncture is the shared camaraderie in the experience of receiving acupuncture. Friends and family members are welcome to come and be treated together, lending support to one another during the process of healing.

Info + Guidelines for Express Acupuncture


  • Express acupuncture appointments are $50, and last 30-40 minutes. 

  • Express acupuncture is strictly acupuncture, and does not include any additional services, like cupping, gua sha, etc. If you are interested in a comprehensive traditional treatment, which includes these modalities, please book an "Initial Treatment" here.

  • Patients who No-Show, or fail to give at least 12-hour notice prior to appointment cancellation will be charged a $35 No-Show Fee.

  • Please silence your phone and enjoy the tranquility!

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