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We are now credentialed as a VA healthcare provider within the Community Care Network (CCN), which offers acupuncture as a Whole Health service to veterans. This means that veterans can quality for 100% coverage of acupuncture services, provided through our clinic! Veterans will first need to contact their VA doctor and ask for an authorization code to see us as their “choice provider.”


The number of treatments received will depend on the condition being treated. Some of the common conditions that can be addressed through the program include chronic pain, opiod addiction, PTSD, insomnia and digestive disorders, among others. Please contact us, if you have additional questions. 


We accept FSA & HSA, and can also provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement (please double-check that your insurance reimburses for acupuncture services). 

As an alternative, our clinic offers low-cost Express Acupuncture  treatments several days a week. We also provide packages, and discounts for students, teachers & military personnel.

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